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Characteristics of room-modules:

Mobile room-modules can be used as separate modules or can be optionally assembled side by side, one behind the other and on top of each other.


  • accommodation – possibility of own sanitary and other facilities according to customer’s requirements
  • office – possibility to equip it with furniture according to customer’s requirements
  • sanitary – urinal, toilets, stainless steel washing-trough, wash-basin, TUV heaters, shower unit, mirrors, shelves, facilities for disabled persons
  • special – according to entry data for frames, insulation, walls, accessories, doors, windows, electrical installation. Individual approach, preparation of technical documentation (drawings) and independent price calculation according to demand


  • quickly to build
  • protection of environment during erection
  • reasonable price
  • hygienic unobjectionable used materials
  • hygienická nezávadnost použitých materiálů
  • quality thermal insulation
  • interior facilities including colour shades according to customer’s requirements
  • mobility of room-modules
  • installation of room-modules without planning permission

Applications of room-modules:

Lodging houses, hotels, motels, offices, small shops, cloakrooms, workshops, torehouses, buildings on the construction site, gatehouses, control rooms, sale and exhibition stands, information centers, ticket offices at parking lots and fairs, public sanitary installations, kindergartens, schools, various mobile workplaces, etc.